CONSCIOUS FASHION was founded in 2020 by Claire Deslandes Mortier


Following a career of seventeen years spent in prestigious houses as a stylist and then as Collection Manager. In 2020, she decided to create a structure made to measure to meet the market’s expectations, to support and train the actors of the textile and clothing industry to engage in responsible, ethical and sustainable approaches.

An experience supplemented in recent years by CSR training, and the implementation of actions and convincing results, convinced her that another way is possible, that of a positive impact, respectful of workers, nature and living beings.

Claire Deslandes Mortier, her illustrated journey:

These ex-colleagues talk about her



Ex.Head of Design Eric Bompard

CEO L/overs

« 5 years of working with Claire is 5 years of happiness in creation, development, confidence and success.

Claire knows how to do everything, and to do everything well, women, men, design,


An ideal partner. »

Lucile Léorat

Carole Dubus

Carole DUBUS

Director of Collections

Paule Ka

« Working with Claire was both very enjoyable and rewarding. She is very creative and proactive, and always follows through on her convictions.

I would describe her as an iron fist in a velvet glove!

I am convinced that her project will be a great success. »

Carole Dubus

Elke Bessoles


Founder Le Studio


« Claire was our collaborator and performed her function with brilliance. She was our product manager and was directly attached to the management and stylistic and technical development ».

Elke Bessoles

Emily Craig

Emily Craig

Creative Director

New York

« The wealth of experience and expertise she has gained during her long tenure in the fashion industry, coupled with her natural talent can only serve as a winning combination to structure the foundations and building blocks of a very successful business.

Claire’s love and passion for nature, her dedication to protecting the environment and her experience in sourcing sustainable practices, working alongside local artisans in all four corners of the globe, will undoubtedly form the perfect infrastructure to build a brand steeped in ethical practices.

I am extremely excited and inspired to witness Claire parlay these unparalleled experiences into her own business; one which both confronts and encompasses the very critical topic of Sustainability ».

Emily Craig

« I warmly thank these women for their contributions. Each of them, through their experience and personality, has nourished my awakening, my taste, my work methodology, and challenged me to surpass myself.
They were inspiring by their lifestyles, their careers, their lives as women and mothers. Sometimes, far from home to live their passion to the fullest.
Thank you Lucille, Elke, Carole and Emily to name a few. »


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