« We need to apply good practice to ourselves. That we wish to see in the world. »

Claire Deslandes Mortier

Founder Conscious Fashion 

Conscious fashion is committed to ensuring that its entire ecosystem – customers, suppliers and employees – is aligned with good social and environmental practices.
It is with this foundation of values and commitments that we will improve our impact on the world.

Our customers

  • Make them self-sufficient as soon as possible. Conscious fashion’s support is to advise and train them so that they are operational and autonomous.
  • Conscious Fashion’s work ethics. We do not accept commissions, gifts or gratuities from any party when we offer you the opportunity to work with one of our partners. Failure to comply with this provision may result in exclusion from the tender or termination of the contract.

  • Conscious Fashion prohibits corruption in all its forms at any time, place or under any circumstances. It expects its partners to make an identical commitment both for themselves and for their own partners and subcontractors.
  • Accessible and fixed service rates, whether for a luxury group or a designer.
  • The choice of clients committed to a sincere approach in line with our values.

The environnement

  • Respect for the environment and biodiversity according to the GOTS text (point 2.4.10). To encourage the monitoring of water resources, favour green and renewable energies, waste monitoring, offsetting the environmental footprint.
  • Use only sustainable materials and develop fair trade partnerships.
  • Conscious Fashion is committed to favouring transport that has little environmental impact. In Paris, we favour public transport, bicycles or electric taxis. For the provinces, we will use the train or car sharing. For foreign countries, if we have to take a plane, we will then have a carbon offsetting approach.

Our relations with partner suppliers and manufacturers

  • The choice of partners with valid social and environmental certifications
  • Our partners are committed alongside us to respect human and labour rights based on the texts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the regulations of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the charters of fair trade and sustainable development and the international SA 8000 standard.
  • At Conscious Fashion, we favour relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers, over the long term, in order to learn and progress hand in hand.
  • We are committed to transparency for the citizen-consumer.

Respect for animals

  • At Conscions Fashion, we favour animal materials with traceability and certification.
  • Respect for animal welfare according to their « Five Freedoms ». Not to suffer from hunger or thirst, not to suffer from discomfort, not to suffer pain, injury or disease, to be able to express the natural behaviour of the species, not to feel fear or distress – text from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).
  • By favouring sustainable and ethical suppliers, certified to animal welfare standards such as GOTS or RWS..

Our commitments

  • Our commitments are aligned with the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice in order to contribute at our level to a positive and sustainable impact for all.
  • Documentation: As we practice, our valued customers and partners are asked to use recycled paper or FSC/PEFC certified paper. And we encourage you to save paper (don’t always print your e-mails and documents, print on both sides).
  • We’re starting… but we’re already dreaming big, so we’ll soon be getting involved with associations and NGOs.

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